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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Graphics Codex 1.3: the "Color" update

The following changes are complete for The Graphics Codex 1.3, and the update has been uploaded to Apple for review.  Expect it around March 24, 2012.

  • App Changes
    • Doubled image resolution for the new third-generation iPad retina display
    • Fast orientation change
    • Fixed slow scrolling on index for some devices
    • Infinite projection matrix topic no longer crashes app
    • Ball-ray intersection topic no longer crashes app
    • Corrected lots of small typos in prose
    • Increased UI contrast
  • New topics
    • Compressed hardware texture formats (S3TC, BC, DXn, PVRTC)
    • RGB <-> sRGB equations
    • Index of all GLSL functions, with links to the man pages
    • Hyperbolic cosine
    • ASCII 128 table
    • XML escape codes
    • Luminance
    • C/C++ integer types and utilities
    • Normalized fixed point equations
    • Reciprocity in light scattering
    • Versons (unit quaternions)
    • Quaternion basis
    • Quaternion inverse
    • Photometric quantities
My feature list for version 1.4 includes:
  • Color wheels
    • Newtonian
    • CIE-CAM
    • Munsell
    • Painter's triangle
    • Printer's triangle
  • Candela
  • Color theory; harmonious color palettes
  • Fresnel effect example photographs
  • Guide to typesetting accents in HTML, Unicode, LaTeX, and ASCII
  • More diagrams
  • Button to e-mail code and constants to yourself

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