I'm Morgan McGuire (@CasualEffects). I've been working on computer graphics and games for 20 years at great places including NVIDIA, Williams College, Brown University, and Activision.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

An Introduction to JavaScript for Sophisticated Programmers


JavaScript (which is defined by the ECMAScript specification) is a just-in-time-compiled, memory-managed (garbage collected), dynamically-typed, functional programming language. Its greatest practical strength is its use on the web as the primary client-side programming language. This means that nearly every computing device with a display serves as both a target platform and a potential development environment. That is powerful and convenient.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Interesting New Game Art Styles

Little Big Planet 2
Expressive, also known as "non-photorealistic," computer graphics seek conscious stylization over mimesis. The world of animated films has long embraced non-mimetic styles, however relatively few games exhibited bold style after display resolutions and processor throughput became high enough to escape the (pleasant) confines of pixel art and flat-shaded polygons. Some noteworthy big-budget exceptions are Oni, Okami, Another World, Wind Waker, Prince of Persia, Jet Grind Radio, Ni No KuniLittle Big Planet, Borderlands, and Mirror's Edge.